In 2020, if you want a high ROI on the video you’ve shot, you need the best available video editing software available. Whether you are a beginner or aspiring to be on IMDB’s list of best video editors, the quality of your work relies on the tools you employ.

According to Wordstream, 87% of online marketers use video content and if you are a marketer or anyone looking for a successful marketing strategy, you should lean on video. Video is the preferred media as it has proven to have the best ROI, same way blogs were in 2004 and the same way podcasts are in 2020.

I tried video editing in college, back when I was passionate about doing a video on campus on what the faculty thought about Occupy WallStreet Movement. Back then, I was a staunch liberal and really wanted everyone on campus to know the view of each professor regarding the inequality and unfairness in the financial markets.

While editing, I took Bernie’s rallying call. I don’t remember exactly what was in the clip but it sounded funny and when I uploaded it on Youtube, it got a lot of views. I have since various video editing software over the past 8 years and I feel confident to share my list of top editing software you can choose from.

This guide has a detailed review of each editing software as well as a detailed comparison that will enable you to pick the best for you depending on your skills and the features you need for the video editing work you have.

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Now, let’s go to our most important question.

What is the Best Video Editing Software in 2020?

While there are many video editing software available in the market in 2020, the software the qualify to use the ‘BEST’ tag are few when you consider the following:

  1. The input/the file transfer format
  2. The Editing features
  3. Transitions
  4. The computer you are using and the OS that the computer runs on
  5. Video and audio settings
  6. The output/video file rendering

Adobe’s software, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is my overall best video editing software available in 2020 when you keenly consider all the six factors above. I’ll go into details on why it made it as my #1 pick but first, here is my whole list of 10 best video editing software in 2020

Best Video Editing Software in 2020:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  2. Final Cut Pro X
  3. Adobe Premiere Elements
  4. Apple iMovie
  5. Microsoft Movie Moment
  6. Hitfilt Express
  7. VideoPad

Reviews of the Best Video Editing Software

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is my overall #1 pick for this list of best video editing software you can find in 2020. I have used Adobe since 2012 but this Pro tool combines all you’ll ever need for any video you need to edit.

Adobe Premier Pro CC, overall #1 best video editing software

The tools in this Pro CC version allow you to do video editing like a Pro, even if you are just starting out. For beginners, it has a streamlined interface, with easy drag-and-drop tool that you’ll really enjoy as a beginner. It also has a companion mobile app which you can use to see how the output will look like.

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They’ve built it by integrating workflows independently so you don’t have to exit your timelines and believe me, this will save you a lot of time.

One testimonial of a satisfied customer mentioned how he was able to do edit three videos in the time it used to take him to edit one video when using another similar software. Thanks to Adobe Sensei technology, you can rely on it on an array of automated tools that will make your life easier.

Regardless of the video format you want, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is our number #1 pick as you can easily use it to edit video footage in these three latest formats

  1. Ultra,
  2. High-end 8k and,
  3. Virtual reality.

In addition to its flexibility with the format, you can use, Adobe Premiere Pro CC delivers videos optimized for any screen. This software is also compatible with other great adobe tools such as Adobe Stock, Audition, and After Effects which you can use to enhance the quality of your video. You won’t have to exit the Premiere interface to get a motion graphics template from Adobe Stock or Adobe After Effects.

Another good reason that’s often overlooked is the fact that you can easily publish your content on the major video platforms such as Vimeo and Youtube using their Google VR180 format.

If you are into Virtual Reality Videos, Adobe will get you sorted with its VR 180 feature. You can make the most immersive 360-degree videos and can optimize the effects and format, with no limit.

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You won’t be worried about colors, adjustments, and backgrounds when using Adobe Premiere Pro CC as it comes with Lumetri color tools which will make it easy to pick or remove background options with Chroma or to make precise curve adjustments.

If your sound is great when you record without any adjustments, good for you! However, if your voice will need some audio editing, its Essential Sound Panel has audio sliders that will enable you to easily add effects such as stereo balance which can make a lot of difference if your voice volume is not consistent. There are other features too that Essential Sound Panel has including; reverb, compression, flangers, and amplification.

Bottom line: Adobe Premiere Pro CC will give you the complete package you need to create a professional video. You can start with a trial here.

Please check back soon as we continue to review more email marketing services.